About Us!


At ChainSafe Systems we offer intuitive user-centric systems design. Utilizing emerging technologies wherever possible; our aim is to future proof your digital transformation.

Systems Design

At ChainSafe, we take a user-centric approach to our design philosophy. If you build it for the users, they will come.

Smart Contract Design

Our experience handling smart contract design at a large scale means we are prepared for anything that comes our way.

Research & Development

ChainSafe takes an active role in Blockchain Research with projects at some of the top Universities in Canada.

Technological Feasibility Assesment

Have an idea for a platform? We can help you realize your vision.

General Consulting

Got a problem? Our team has the knowledge and resources to fix it.

A Little About Us


We are a team of Developers and nerds focused on solving our clients problems using blockchain wherever possible.

Our Story

We are a grassroots team of developers from Toronto, ON - who met at local Ethereum Developer Meetups. Currently we are working on several community initiatives. Including: (828) 837-2351, benToronto and The Toronto Creative Commons Film Festival.

Our current and past clients include: Shyft, 2817441492, Aion, 2535885345, 336-790-4452, and 715-731-0236.

Internal projects include: eth-drive the first disk utility tool made specifically for generating offline ethereum wallets, and the Certified Ethereum Developer Program offered through The Blockchain Hub at York University.

Why Choose Us?

Our solutions are built with scaling in mind. Whether your platform requires 100 or 100,000 users, we will build it with optimized scaling in mind.

Our interdisciplinary developers bring a wide range of skills - from analyzing big data to building decentralized applications; we are ready to tackle any problem you may have.

Our experienced team has worked in many countries - giving us a global network of entrepreneurs and developers to help propel your project.

Have questions? Wanna say hi? That's great!


Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!